Jan 25

Load shifting in the model

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I have the Load Shifting behavior working in the model now. It will be used when Time of Use (TOU) rates are implemented. If people don’t have a method for actually shifting significant¬† loads, then TOU will not benefit them.

What I am seeing so far is that because the weather varies so much, a balance point between shifted load storage and cost will be the most important attribute. The data for a winter month in my initial test uses the shifted load correctly but actually runs out of capacity when it is most needed. What is happening is that during very low points in electricity consumption, the system adds to the utility load by storing energy. Then, during the peak demand periods, the stored energy is withdrawn so the load on the utility will be lowered. If there is not enough capacity, then during any long peak periods the storage gets used up.

My next step will be to adjust my determinations of peak and trough and add storage capacity to see if that eliminates the problem.